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  • Standard Contingency Search
    Standard contingency search ties our search fee to the successful placement of a candidate. In addition, Spring Associates will guarantee to replace a candidate if either the candidate resigns, or our client terminates the candidate within a specific period of time from the original placement. Our clients pay for performance, not for promises.

  • Executive Project/Temporary Staffing
    Spring Associates has created a new and innovative approach to the hiring of interim, freelance or project PR executives.
    Our interim-freelance candidates are presented to our clients on a referral basis instead of as "leased employees". This means less bookkeeping and more control for our client and candidate alike.

    Spring recruiters apply the same careful techniques of matching skill, experience and chemistry to our interim candidates as we do our full-time candidates. If there is a match, our client and candidate negotiate their own financial terms. Spring Associates' fee is calculated as a percentage of the total amount of the agreed upon sum and is paid to Spring Associates by our client. It's that simple.
    Whether it's for a day, week, month, many months or just to try someone out before you make the decision to hire them full-time, the Spring Associates interim-freelance staffing service is the answer.

  • Retained Search
    All retained searches are handled personally by Dennis Spring. You can feel confident that your most important hire is being handled by a search professional who has more than two decades of PR and recruiting experience.

    Our fee is based on an agreed upon sum that usually costs less than the giant search firm alternatives. Each search assignment comes with an employee replacement provision.

    Search titles include: manager, director, vice president, senior vice president, executive vice president, president. Specialty areas include: marketing/corporate communications, public affairs, public relations, investor relations, government relations, media relations, employee communications. Some of the industries covered are: healthcare, hi-tech, financial, consumer product/service, industrial, issues management, editorial services, speech writing and more.

  • Modified Retainer(aka "Con-tainer")
    When retained search is not a viable option, Spring Associates offers a modified retainer as an alternative.

    This method combines the exclusivity and focused efforts of the retained search, with a contingency payment-for-performance benefit. That is, our client is required to pay just a percentage portion of the entire fee in two increments, but is not required to pay the final increment until a candidate is hired.

    In addition, Spring Associates will gladly formulate a mutually agreeable flat fee where increment payments are not possible. Of course, the same employee replacement provision applies as in full retainer search.

  • PR Agency Evaluation And Selection
    Choosing a public relations agency to represent your company's products, services and ultimately its corporate reputation, is certainly an important decision. Given the pervasiveness of the media and the speed at which news travels, strategic and immediate responses are often needed to fend off a potential crisis.

    At Spring Associates the PR agency review process is unlike any other. We do not rely solely on published quantitative information about agencies, nor do we rely on recommendations from colleagues. Instead, Spring Associates incorporates its 27 years of PR search and consulting experience, armed with all the necessary qualitative information and conducts a comprehensive, strategic search for a new agency.

    From discussions with our client, Spring Associates helps the client to arrive at viable and attainable goals for its future agency to meet. We then proceed with our search in a well-defined, systematic approach which is intended to bring only the best qualified PR agencies to our client for final consideration.

    The process is handled completely by Spring Associates. Our client is kept informed throughout, but not actively involved. The search can even be conducted on a totally confidential basis if our client wishes. After doing our research, interviewing the principals, hearing the pitches and then applying our intimate knowledge of the industry and its players, the finalists are presented to our client.

    Only then does our client become actively involved in the search. Except at this point our client is reviewing the credentials and pitches of the PR agencies that have demonstrated the ability to meet our client's budgetary and PR goals.

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