Salary Checkup & Career Consultation

A service of Spring Associates, Inc., executive search and consulting firm serving the public relations, corporate and marketing communications, investor relations and public affairs industries since 1980.

Your compensation and career information will be matched against more than 23,000 credentialed and vetted PR & corporate communications professionals nationwide. The result will help form your own personal and confidential salary checkup evaluation.

Find out where you stand relative to your fellow PR pros! (individual names and other personally identifiable information always remain confidential).

What makes the Salary Checkup so unique?

  • The results of your Personalized Salary Checkup will give you actual salary ranges that you can use as a guide when planning your career strategy - an invaluable tool for determining your relative worth within the PR marketplace today -- which is changing every day.
  • Use the results of your Salary Checkup as a benchmark when planning your next job change.
  • In reality, your professional information is matched against the same master database that the Spring Search Consultants and Analysts use every day in the course of completing search assignments for their clients.
  • The information that comprises the Spring Associates' master database is carefully gathered in the following ways: face-to-face interviews; resumes; confidential phone & email communications; PR executive search placements; daily database updates from personal and industry sources.

Salary Checkup with Career Consultation

Have a frank and confidential discussion with Dennis Spring about your current status and your professional future. We'll talk about your salary history and how it impacts your choices going forward. Subjects like title, responsibilities and promotions are just some of the topics usually covered. Emphasis will be on you making informed decisions about your career.

Eligibility requirements

  • You must be a public relations, corporate or marketing communications or non-profit professional with at least one year of full-time experience working for a communications department or public relations agency.
  • You'll also need a public relations, corporate or marketing communications or non-profit title.
  • In-between jobs? That's OK.
  • You must be a registered member of this site with an up-to-date Career Profile.

    SALARY CHECK-UP ONLY: $35.00 - you will be asked to supply credit card information when requesting your salary check-up.
    SALARY CHECK-UP WITH CAREER CONSULTATION - administered by Dennis Spring: $75.00 (consultation up to 30 minutes).

Here's how it works

  • Fill out all applicable information on the Career Profile pages including your compensation details. Please answer all questions completely and honestly.
  • Proceed to the Salary Checkup page to request the desired service
  • We will generate a personalized PR Salary Checkup Report with the following information:
    1. Salary ranges of PR pros nationwide with similar professional stats, i.e. agency/corporate, title and specialty....
    2. In your geographic region....
    3. In your metro area.
    4. Salary that you can reasonably expect to be offered in your next job.
    5. Bonus amount that you can reasonably expect in your next job.
    6. Your personalized Salary Checkup results are then confidentially emailed directly to you. It's that simple and that easy!


The information you provide to Spring Associates is completely CONFIDENTIAL and is only used when you request services from Spring Associates.

Next Steps

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Press the appropriate link below to select either the Salary Checkup or the Salary Checkup with Career Consultation, and proceed to the payment pages for the service you have chosen.

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